Pistol Services

  • General Service : Includes complete disassembly of firearm and cleaning all parts, also includes checking maintenance items for wear and replacing if needed.
  • General Repair : Includes disassembly required to get to broken or worn part, also includes inspecting function after work is complete.

Rifle Services

  • Remove and install new sights
  • Drill and tap for scope base
  • Install and fit ambidextrous safety
  • Head space check
  • Install and fit new triggers/trigger components
  • Complete action job
  • Remove hammer spur
  • Install and fit extended safety
  • Install and fit magazine wells
  • Replace/Remove gas block
  • Install free float handguard and low profile gas block
  • Replace barrel
  • Assemble upper/lower receviers
  • Install triggers
  • Install any accessories

Shotgun Services

  • Custom fit recoil pad or buttplate
  • Drill and install sling swivels
  • Drill and tap for new front an/or mid bead
  • Drill and tap for scope base
  • Cut and crown barrel
  • Install extended saftey

AR Services

F&D Services

General Services

For prices or if you do not see a service listed here please call us!

  • Custom Fit Recoil Pads and Buttplates
  • Thread barrels and install muzzle brakes
  • Drill and install sling swivels
  • Drill and tap for scope mounts
  • Install and boresight scopes
  • Install rifle sights
  • Check headspace
  • Chamber castings
  • Trigger adjustments
  • Cut and crown barrel
  • Forge military bolts
  • Polish and round trigger